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A simple guide to make Fans on OnlyFans in 2024 - How to get fans on OnlyFans

Ava Harrison
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Before we talk about HOW to promote your OnlyFans account in today's market, it's more important to talk about WHAT you are promoting.

Here are some points we recommend checking before starting to promote your OnlyFans profile:

  • Is your account well designed? Before getting people to look at your profile, it makes sense to check if the profile looks interesting enough for potential fans to subscribe. Did you take high-quality pictures and set them as your banner and profile picture? Does your bio describe who you are and what fans can expect on your account?
  • Is the subscription fee fair compared to what you offer and other creators? For newer creators just starting out, we recommend a subscription fee of $5-10, while established creators with very high-quality content can opt for a higher fee, depending on their overall account strategy.
  • Do you have a promotion running? A promotion gives new fans the opportunity to check out your account at a slightly lower fee, which can increase the number of people subscribing to your account initially.
  • Are there enough posts on your OnlyFans feed? 
  • Still feel unsure? Look at our blog post "How to set up your OnlyFans" for a detailed setup guide.

In general, keep in mind that it's important to take care of your OnlyFans account, post daily, and interact with your fans. Keeping engagement up on your profile is what will keep your fans on your account and make them activate rebill, generating passive income for you and a steadily growing fan base to sell premium content to.

After making sure the account you're promoting is of the highest quality you can offer, it is time to think about HOW to promote your OnlyFans account. Most creators that begin working with us usually complain about losing an overview of all the possibilities to get people's attention to your OnlyFans. That is why we created this fully comprehensive guide, where we show different strategies we use in-house to promote our clients' OnlyFans profiles.

But before we start talking about which channels to use to promote your OnlyFans, we need to talk about the strategy you are using.

The best strategy to successfully promote an OnlyFans profile is to focus on a niche.

A niche is a segment of the market where people within that segment share common interests.

What are niches and how do you find a niche that fits you? 

In our experience, the creators that perform best are the most authentic. In order to be authentic yourself you need to take some time and think about what makes you special and unique as a person.

  • Do you have a passion for gaming? 
  • Are you talented in a specific kind of sport? 
  • Do you ride horses in your free time? 
  • Are you a car-person? 

Most of these examples also represent a male-dominated point of interest, like sports, cars or gaming, which gives you an existing fan base to work with from the get-go.

Don't hesitate to take enough time to find your niche. If you can identify your OnlyFans persona with a niche on the market and reflect that in your content in and out of OnlyFans, you are a big step ahead of your competition.

Don't forget that niches are not only restricted to what you do, but also how you look. Targeting based on looks can be harder, depending on the social media platform you decide to use to promote your OnlyFans, but regardless it's important that you are aware of what makes you stand out from the masses in a visual way. Blonde hair, brown hair, colorful hair, larger or rather petite body types, almost all of them have a niche of people to them, that are willing to pay money for it, if approached right.

Growing your OnlyFans through Social Media in 2024

Here are the best social media platforms we suggest to use in 2024 to grow your OnlyFans organically:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram


In 2024 Instagram is the most important platform to have, if you want to grow your OnlyFans using social media. Instagram is a platform, which, thanks to Reels, you can use to organically grow a fan base and keep them there. On Instagram it's all about personality and authenticity: 

We recommend setting up a profile that gives people an idea of who you are and teases them a little bit to go the extra step to your OnlyFans to be in closer contact to you. On Instagram, you need to use all functions you have to keep your account active: Posts, Stories and Reels.

  • Posts are the main personality factor on your Instagram. The posts should have a ratio of around 80% personality and 20% teasing. Post of what you and the niche you selected might find interesting, with you in the center of all those things. Your OnlyFans posts should be built up like an Instagram +, which on the other hand means, that your Instagram Feed should work hand in hand with your OnlyFans Feed, but with less spiciness. You can post pictures of your gaming setup, your car, your last baseball game or whatever gives the niche you picked some more substance to seem authentic. The best way to come up with Ideas for new posts is to look for other creators in similar niches and get inspired by what they are doing.
  • Stories are good for additional personality and promotion. The main use of stories is to show presence on a daily basis and stay in the minds of your fan base. We recommend posting between 2-5 stories daily. Stories can be simple selfies, pictures of what you're doing on that day, just anything that gives the fans a little insight on who you are and what you do - together with a promotional post with your OnlyFans link 2-3 times per week.
  • Reels are the key to growing your Instagram profile and get peoples attention. The system you should use to create reels is similar to the TikTok system described below, so you can easily adapt that to Reels as well. Post between 1-2 reels per day.


TikTok and Instagram are the most time consuming options to generate organic traffic to your OnlyFans profile, but thanks to what we call the "snowball effect", these options can also get you new subscribers faster than other platforms. The snowball effect describes the way those apps work and how you can use that to grow your OnlyFans. Posting a video on each of these platforms is like rolling a snowball down a hill: It starts small, but it can get big if it keeps on rolling for long enough.

Here is a daily routine you can easily adapt to get successful on TikTok or Instagram: 

  • Research: Dedicate at least an hour per day to scrolling your for you page. You should be looking for recent and popular videos, preferably in your niche, that you can use as inspiration. Save those videos, so you can recreate them later.
  • Video creation: As soon as you found videos that fit your criteria and inspire you, you can start creating them. Give them your own touch: Find a nice location, use good lighting and change the context of the video to what you want to stand for.
  • Posting: For fastest results we recommend posting 3 videos daily, in a two hour interval. If that doesn't fit your daily schedule, you can produce them the day before, save them in drafts and post them over the next day.

The same principle applies for Instagram Reels, with around 2-3 videos per day.

All of this sounds like tons of work, we know. As an Agency working with these platforms for years, we offer our creators an efficient and easy way to handle these tasks in a matter of 1-2 hours daily. If you're interested in letting us do your research, account management and give you regular feedback to boost your performance quickly, schedule a free call now, so we can start right away! 


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